How to delete linux partition from dual boot.

    Creating a dual boot operation and removing one partition from your computer, both are very easy task.

So, the question is how do you remove a partition and is it safe to do?

First of all you are going to be scared after this result.

So this is the main problem you will face after deleting a linux partition.

Error : no such partition. 

Entering rescue mode……

Entering rescue mode what it means

Step wise process to solve the problem :

  • Press the Windows key or click the Start button.
  • Type Create and form at hard disk partitions, and then press Enter.
  • You should see a window open similar to the one below.

In the Disk Management window, the available hard drives in the computer are listed. Hard Disk space labeled as Unallocated is space that has not been partitioned yet.

If hard disk space has a drive letter associated with it, that space has been partitioned.

  1. Locate the partition you want to delete.
  2. Right-clickon that partition and select the Delete Volume option from the drop-down menu that appears.

Note:If theDelete Volumeoption is grayed out when right-clicking, the partition cannot be deleted.

  1. A pop-up message may appear to confirm that you want to delete the partition; click Yes.
  2. Once the partition has been deleted, it will be listed as Unallocated space.

  • Now make a windows boot able pendrive (as per your need )
  • Plug in your pendrive and restart your computer.
  • For boot option menu press F12, select your USB as boot start up.

Now click on Repair your computer. 

Then click on Troubleshoot.

Now click on command prompt. 

After appear the command prompt type there : bootrec.exe /fixmbr

This command will fix the MBR( Master Boot Record ). And now type exit. And restart your computer.